Beast – Review in 300 Words or Less

In Beast Johnny Flynn, from ITV’s recent adaptation of Vanity Fair, plays a socially disconnected young man who may or may not be but probably is responsible for a series of very nasty murders on the island of Jersey. Frankly it was hard to accept him as Thackeray’s well intentioned gentleman soldier William Dobbin after seeing this. This, of course, is credit to Flynn’s versatility as an actor. His strong performance in Beast will stay with you and he isn’t even the protagonist. The story is actually about Jessie Buckley’s troubled Moll who falls for this man and has to deal with everyone’s, and her own, suspicions regarding his guilt. This is Buckley’s film in every respect and while it is as dark as it sounds it is a captivating portrait of a emotionally fragile but headstrong woman in an oppressive and judgmental community.

It may not be perfect Sunday tea time viewing but it is worth the hours you do give it whenever they may be.

Beast is available for home viewing.

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