We Bought a Zoo

This is just a quick one because the film has been out for a while but I have just finished watching it on DVD. I wanted to post on it because, if like me, you are looking for decent films to watch with your family this is perfect. It isn’t a children’s film that adults will enjoy too or a film for grown ups that your kids might get in to, it is just a nice film that is rated PG because a PG sort of film is just what is needed to tell this story. If you want your children to move on to movies that are a little more sophisticated than the filmography of Selena Gomez and don’t feature people in capes then this is one for you (and yours).

It is directed by Cameron Crowe so if you have seen his other films you know what to expect. As usual it is as though the man’s hand is physically reaching out of the screen to pull your heartstrings, but actually this one feels a little less manipulative and is actually like a big celluloid hug.

The story is based on the true events surrounding the renovation and reopening of Dartmoor Zoo in 2007 but the action has all been moved to California. That pretty much tells you what to expect; montages of people putting up fences, nice animals, worries about money, last minute dramas when the zoo inspector comes, good looking zoo keepers and cute kids but all with American accents rather than British.

It won’t blow you away, you won’t feel the need to watch it more than once, you might cry a little bit (it all revolves around a guy who has just lost his wife) but you should enjoy it and anyone over the age of six who you can persuade to watch it with you should enjoy it too.

Also, if like me you love it when they say the name of the film in the film then you have never seen it done more cutely than this (sorry Christopher Lloyd and Micheal J Fox).

Is this one for the kids?


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