The Dark Knight Rises

It has some plot holes but you can rationalise them if you try hard enough, it is about a guy who dresses up as a bat to fight crime so saying ‘well that wouldn’t happen in real life’ is a little redundant and a lot pedantic. The film is a proper Summer blockbuster and if George Lucas is guilty of inadvertently killing cinema with the style over substance Star Wars films (but oh, what style) then surely Christopher Nolan is resurrecting it. His films are intelligent, complex but not complicated and while they have great imagery and effects sequences there is nothing on the screen that does not support the story. 

The film has some great performances. Marion Cotillard, who is mesmerising in La Vie En Rose and Rust & Bone is a little ordinary here by comparison but pretty much everyone else is bringing it. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine are all effortlessly classy. Joseph Gordon Levitt does good sidekick, Tom Hardy is convincingly and unconventionally unhinged making you believe that he would take pleasure in watching a city descend into anarchy for three months rather than just blowing it up straight away and Christian Bale continues to give the same strong, understated performance that has driven the whole trilogy. It is Anne Hathaway though that steals the movie. The scene in the bar is her finest moment but she is sassy and brilliant throughout. She will win the Oscar for Les Mis but this will have helped. 

The Dark Knight Rises is epic and breathtaking and not since Lord of the Rings has a film combined performance, cinematography, music, special effects, set design and all the elements of cinema together to such great effect. You might enjoy a nice story but if you don’t love this film then you don’t love the movies.

Is this one for the kids?

I think 12A is the correct certificate for this film unlike The Dark Knight which I think should have been a 15. It obviously involves a lot of people getting punched, shot, kicked and stabbed but it is all pretty standard for contemporary super hero movies. There isn’t any sex but it is clear there just has been at one stage. I’d be okay with someone 10 or above seeing this.

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