10 Questions I Have After Watching Avengers: Infinity War for the second time (Spoilers)

1. Thor said that Thanos had killed half of his people. This is Thanos’ MO but weren’t all of Thor’s people on that one ship though and didn’t Thanos blow it up? I know that a bit of the craft had been blown off before the movie started so perhaps Valkyrie and the others were all jammed in there but if this is the case then where were they when the Guardians arrived? There was nothing but space junk, dead bodies and an unconscious Thor floating around by this stage. Maybe this explains why there were so few people to be evacuated at the end of Thor: Ragnarok; perhaps half of them were off planet like the Lady Sif and they are the 50% that were spared.

2. Just before Loki faced off against Thanos he said something along the lines of ‘I promise we will be together again brother’. Was this just over confidence because he was sure Hulk would save them or was he about to fake his death again? Admittedly this would have been trickier in light of what is discussed above.

3. Red Skull tells Thanos that the Soul Stone almost has its own wisdom. Does this mean it is sentient? It certainly doesn’t seem to work in the same way as the other stones, magically turning up in the possession of whoever it finds worthy like the Philosopher’s Stone. What could all of this mean for Gamora? Does she live on in some way?

4. In relation to this, why was Thanos’ consciousness transported somewhere else to briefly converse with a young Gamora after he clicked his fingers. There’s something tricksy about that orange rock, you’ll see. Maybe Thanos has inadvertently given more to it than a sacrifice, maybe a part of him transferred to it when he murdered his daughter like when Voldemort tried to kill Harry. Hang on, I’m picking up a pattern here?

5. What power does gauntlet now have? It looked like it was all charred and crumpled after Thanos had used it to wipe out half of all life in the universe but he then used it to create a portal and escape. He also presumably used it to heal himself after Thor rammed an axe in his chest. He is still wearing it in his very last scene as well. That surely wouldn’t be the case if it was now just a fancy glove.

6. Speaking of Thor, knowing what was coming in this second viewing of the film, I did wonder why he took so long to get to Thanos when the big guy arrived in Wakanda. Steve radioed and called all of the Avengers to his position and they all rushed over other than Thor. My daughter actually had a good explanation for this. He had just arrived on Earth so he didn’t have an ear piece. He was still happily smashing up spaceships and war dogs and didn’t realise Thanos had turned up until it was almost too late.

7. There is apparently something wrong with the timescales in the post credit scene. Maria Hill says she has just received notifications of heat signatures (or something) turning up over Wakanda similar to the ones over New York. This would seem to refer to the spacecraft that have arrived there but then people start disintegrating just seconds later. There has to be at least forty five minutes between the initial invasion she is referring to and Thanos clicking his fingers (which has to be hard to do in a metal glove) so SHEILD’s early warning systems are apparently so slow as to be totally pointless.

8. When Thanos turns back time why doesn’t this effect Wanda? We see the mind stone and Vision reassemble and the yellow boom that shook the trees is reversed but Wanda was right in there when Vis blew up so how is she able to stand at the side and watch without being effected? It is her actions that are being undone. Shouldn’t we see red power bolts going back into her hand?

9. Doctor Strange hid the Time Stone just outside of everyone’s perceptible vision. This is brilliant; when he makes it reappear it was actually there all the time as a little white dot floating over his shoulder but you’d never have noticed as you weren’t looking at that part of the screen. Wouldn’t it have been good to have used it against Thanos though? He says earlier it might be the best weapon they have to employ against him but not if you keep it sheathed. He could have turned back the clock just a smidge when they so nearly got the gauntlet off him so that they actually succeeded. Also, why can’t they get rid of Thanos with a portal like Doctor Strange did when Loki went for him in Thor: Ragnarok? Even better, why not chop his hand off with a portal like Wong did to that other guy earlier on? Presumably he saw all of this happening in his vision of fourteen million and five alternate futures and knew that what did go down had to go down as it ‘was the only way’.

10. When Steve, Natasha, Vision, Wanda and Falcon turn up at Avengers HQ they are surprised to see Bruce there announcing that he’s back. Didn’t Bruce call Steve?

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