The Four Best Pieces I’ve found on Avengers: Infinity War

There has been a huge amount written on Avengers: Infinity War since it came out a week ago and because of my geeky proclivities and their stalker algorithms tons of it has come up on my Facebook feed. There has been much discussion about the fates of various characters, the ending of the film and what might happen in the next three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies; Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and the as yet untitled Avengers 4. I’ve been responsible for a very small amount of such chatter myself.

What I have done here is gather together the four most interesting pieces I have come across so far. The first is fairly straightforward as it is just Peter Bradshaw’s standard review from The Guardian Newspaper. I like Bradshaw’s writing and I trust his opinion and once again on this occasion he does not disappoint. He is highly film savvy but with no superiority and here he nicely highlights the strengths in this film from a distinctly balanced and non-fanatic standpoint. Comparing it, fairly I think, to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (the movies not the books) he celebrates Infinity War as the significant event that it is and nails it when he says what the film has above all other things is confidence. Read the review here.

There are so many theories about this movie and how the follow up will work to undo the tragedy. My favourite of all the pieces I have read on this though smartly posits that it won’t, nothing will happen to reverse what happens in the epic denouement and here is why the one thing that made us sure everything would be okay, the fact that irreparably incapacitated characters have already been lined up for their own sequels, may offer no such solace. See the argument for this here.

The Empire Magazine Podcast involves a varying selection of their critics sitting around chatting about movies and it is massively endearing. It often goes off on indulgent tangents (but not as much as Kermode and Mayo) and lead speaker Chris Hewitt is often too smutty but it is always entertaining and informative and is just the type of conversation I’d love to be a part of. Often they do Spoiler Specials, nearly always with some film maker input, but even though they’ve not yet got this film’s writers or directors to do this yet they have gone ahead and talked about it themselves, in great depth and at great length. Check it out here.

One publication directors, the Russo brothers, have opened up to is Variety. They have been quoted in a few places saying that Avengers 4 will not ‘fix’ things in quite the way people hope or expect but here they talk about those closing moments and how audiences should not expect a happy and tidy resolution in a year’s time. The piece is actually a taster for a longer interview they gave for Variety’s own podcast where they also discuss the possibility of the heroes of The Netflix tie in shows being involved. Find it all here.

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