100 Things I Love About Cinema

It is now a year since I launched my blog and so to commemorate this here is my 100th post, listing (in the order in which they came to me) 100 Things I Love About Cinema:


1. Cinema is the greatest art form as it incorporates all of the others.
2. I love it when they make the screen bigger before the film starts.
3. Seeing a film at the cinema is a shared experience. There is rarely any communication with the strangers around you but for those two hours you are all living the same thing.
4. Red velvet
5. Genre blending
6. The opening scene of Star Wars. That massive starship is the first thing I ever saw on the big screen.
7. The rest of Star Wars because it provided the scaffolding around which I built my childhood.
8. The man in black, he isn’t left handed either.
9. Trailers
10. Posters
11. Fred Astaire’s feet
12. Stan Laurel’s bemusement
13. Stop motion animation
14. The works of Steven Spielberg
15. It can make me cry, it is the only art form that ever has.
16. It can take me to other places, terrestrial or celestial.
17. Hoping that one day I’ll watch The Great Escape and Steve McQueen will make it over the wire.
18. I love it when one of the characters says the title of the film.
19. I love it when one of the characters looks straight at the camera.


20. Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink
21. The Pretty in Pink soundtrack
22. Harvey
23. The fact that in the year Jurassic Park came out you could still see the knuckles in the back of Kermit’s head in Muppet’s Christmas Carol.
24. I love the fold down seats.
25. I love the surround sound.
26. I love that you get cold when its 71° out, I love that it takes you half an hour to order a sandwich.
27. I love you. I know!
28. That scene where they sing La Marseillaise in Casablanca.
29. Matte paintings
30. Reverse zoom shots
31. Arc shots
32. You don’t see the spinning top fall.
33. Brad Pitt refusing to do Se7en if they changed the end.
34. There are twenty three James Bond films.
35. There are twenty five James Bond films.
36. Werewolves
37. Where Eagles Dare
38. Where they’re going, they don’t need roads.
39. The 20th Century Fox Fanfare
40. Dance sequences


41. Ealing Comedies
42. Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes.
43. Darth Vader
44. You can see dead people.
45. The one ring doesn’t bounce when it hits the floor.
46. Ferris Bueller took a day off.
47. Joss Whedon didn’t take a day off.
48. Joel Barish and Truman Burbank
49. Nachos, I love the nachos. Especially with cheese sauce and chillies.
50. The Electric Cinema in Notting Hill
51. Julia Roberts in Notting Hill
52. Kia Ora was too orangey for crows.
53. Pearl & Dean
54. Martin Sheen
55. Black and white Westerns
56. Writer, director Christopher Jonathan James Nolan
57. Rob Reiner from 1984 to 1992
58. Nicolas Cage up until 2004
59. Audrey Hepburn
60. Cary Grant
61. Ingrid Bergman
62. Grace Kelly
63. Alfred Hitchcock
64. Special effects date but with great films it doesn’t matter.


65. James Stewart
66. Let the Right One In
67. Pan’s Labyrinth
68. The camera lies, all the time, it always has.
69. The fact that my kids were going to the cinema before they could walk and now they all have really good attention spans.
70. Talking about films
71. Writing about films
72. Listening to Kermode and Mayo
73. Screen 1 in the Empire, Leicester Square
74. Collecting ticket stubs (although I don’t do that anymore).
75. Empire Magazine, I haven’t missed an issue for twenty one years.
76. IMDb
77. Which Lie Did I Tell by William Goldman
78. Postmodern cinematic intertextuality
79. Following the Awards Season (I try not to care but I do).
80. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope
81. Watching pop videos for songs from movies so that I could see the film clips (this is back in the days before YouTube).


82. Being in movie locations.
83. Staying right to the end of the credits.
84. The London Film Festival
85. The BFI
86. IMAX
87. New York on film
88. Shakespeare on film
89. Vanity Fair’s Annual Hollywood Portfolio
90. The Batmobiles
91. Plot twists
92. The Harry Potter films, finished with only the most necessary recasting.
93. Actors who are selective about the work they do.
94. Studio Ghibli
95. Actually, Jason Statham
96. Animated shorts before the feature.
97. Kate Winslet
98. Car chases
99. Easter Eggs
100. Making lists


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