There’s a scene toward the end of this fantasy action film where there are some armed assailants that need dispatching outside a country estate as well as there being a large aeroplane that needs to be brought down so that the bad guy doesn’t get away to execute his world ending plan. Both need dealing with simultaneously and at their disposal the heroes have a large battle helicopter equipped with Gatling guns and a guy on a motorbike with a sword.

Faced with the choice of how to best utilise these assets to accomplish their duel mission, and let me remind you that the plane is already in flight and the fate of all life on Earth is at stake, they take out the soldiers with the helicopter and send the bike after the plane.


This curious call is actually reflective of everything about this film; they have the budget and the resources they need but don’t make sensible decisions about what to do with them. Infinite is so close to being a good movie but it just falls short throughout.

The first error is in the casting. The story tells of a group of immortal warriors who through reincarnation have lived for centuries. The best of all of them has forgotten who he is though and they need him to remember so that he can once again become the legendary samurai/agent/leader/prophet that he is. I know the whole concept of reincarnation means you can come back as anyone but Mark Wahlberg just doesn’t convince in this role. There are two other actors who play the same character at different stages of his existence and both work better, even though one of them in only on screen for a couple of minutes. Mark Wahlberg was strong in Instant Family, The Departed, Lone Survivor, The Fighter and Three Kings but they’d have done better with someone else here. (Apart maybe, from the fact that the character in his current incarnation has a history of violence in his youth. Wahlberg fits quite well in that respect.)

Then there’s that story. I’m okay with the concept but there are parts of the narrative that don’t make sense. The villain, who himself is the leader of another group of nihilist immortals and wants to destroy humanity because he is sick of living, has invented a bullet that stops people reincarnating. Isn’t that his solution right there? Chiwetel Ejiofor plays this part and he’s great because he’s a superb actor but with this, The Old Guard and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil he’s not getting enough of the parts he deserves. There’s a mystery surrounding him and Wahlberg’s character at the beginning of the movie that would have landed so much better if they’d not already explained it all in the opening voice over. That’s another thing; it is hard to pull off a voice over without it sounding corny and this film illustrates this perfectly.

Infinite is not terrible, it’s diverting enough but it won’t stay in your memory for long. In various places it is reminiscent of other films; it feels a bit like The Matrix as well as featuring a secret organisation driving around in Aston Martins, but the last thing it needed was anyone recalling these better movies.

Infinite is on Amazon Prime

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