Werewolves Within

Well, here’s another hidden gem. Sneaking out on iTunes and featuring a whole group of those familiar people you know from those other things, Werewolves Within is a witty and endearing little treat.

Set in a small, snowy Vermont town where property and residents suddenly start getting mauled, the film sets up a scenario where anyone could be the perpetrator and in which all evidence suggests that said person may not be just a person. It’s like a who-what-why-were-dunnit.

The challenge the film faces is how to make a decent lycanthrope movie when you’ve only got the budget of Teen Wolf, and all the way through you wonder if they’ll be able to deliver on the promise of some decent werewolf special effects. Ultimately they deal with this well enough, I won’t say how because it seems they could be going in a number of directions at various points and I don’t want to spoil the ending. The real success of Werewolves Within though is how they fill the running time with great characters, strong performances and a charming script.

Sam Richardson is the star of the film. He could recently be seen offering strained comedy support in Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War but in this context his stuttering, out of his depth yet brave turn fits the material perfectly. Following close behind is Milana Vayntrub, who I’ve not seen before but apparently has voiced Squirrel Girl in a whole load of Marvel cartoons as well as doing a smattering of TV. Hers is a delightful comedy performance that ought to launch her career and head her toward bigger things. Together these two provide a great entry into this world of weird neighbours and possibly supernatural shenanigans.

Director Josh Rubin has done a lot of web stuff like College Humour and Adam Ruins Everything but I’m sure this will send him places too. Writer Mishna Wolff (yep!) is already a successful author, podcaster and stand up and this adds to her profile effectively as well.

The film does compare to things like Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Little Monsters and Tucker and Dale Vs Evil but it does have its own personality and if you’ve not heard of those other films then here is your chance to stop this movie suffering the same undeserved obscurity.

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