How each of the Infinity Stones could be used to fix the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War

If you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War you’ll have watched as Thanos gathered together all of the Infinity Stones and used them to completely mess up the whole universe. Presumably using their combined power again is not an option for him or anyone else as the gauntlet that held them seemed to crack and decay after Thanos’ cosmic coup d’état (in his insane opinion a coup de grâce). This may not be a problem though as each of the gems has substantial powers all by itself and it may only take one to fix things.

The Space Stone was the first to be introduced in the movies, housed in the Tesseract. In Captain America: The First Avenger we saw it used to power incredible weapons and this could be useful in sorting everything out. It seems likely that in the next Avengers film effort will be made to undo much of what Thanos has done and in this event the Mad Titan is likely to leave his nice spot in the country and try to prevent it. The Space Stone could he harnessed to stop him. However the key to reversing all those deaths probably doesn’t lie with the blue rock.

The obvious tool to employ is the green Time Stone. Using it isn’t easy and the one guy who knows how is dust but it does hold the power to turn back the clock without having to fly super fast round and round the planet. The as yet untitled Avengers 4 could involve our five remaining heroes going back and revisiting the events of all of their previous films, Back to the Future 2 style, as they attempt to control the power of time travel. That would be a neat way to wrap up their adventures as they prepare to hand the movies on to a new group of super humans. Maybe the secret title of the last Avengers film is Avengers: Days of Future Past or possibly even Avengers: Steve and Tony’s Excellent Adventure. Maybe we’ve already seen the results of this time jumping, as it might have something to do with Valkyrie’s unexplained absence from the Asgard ship at the start of this last movie. Maybe Thor went back in time and put her and Korg in an escape pod.

More interesting might be the use of the Reality Stone. We never really got to see what the red jewel could do when Malekith was waving it around in Thor: The Dark World but Thanos had some real fun with it. A couple of times he distorted reality to make surroundings and events appear different to what they were and he did that cool trick literally turning Mantis to ribbons and making Drax look like a Picasso painting redone by Mondrian. None of Thanos’ alterations of reality seemed to have any permanence but what if the stone can be directed to completely rewrite everything? This opens up absolutely any possibility for the MCU moving forward; rebooting, recasting, reincarnation. It might even make some sense of all of those Stan Lee’s appearances.

Before the yellow Mind Stone was inside Vision’s head it was locked inside Loki’s sceptre where he used it to control people’s brains. Could it be used to make Thanos fight on the side of good in the same way it made Hawkeye fight on the side of bad. There aren’t many beings who can use an Infinity Stone but the big purple guy obviously can so why not get him to tidy up his own mess?

Don’t be surprised if the Soul Stone turns out to be the most important of all of them. Thanos doesn’t appear to have many weaknesses but his genuine love for adopted/kidnapped daughter Gamora may be his Achilles Heel. In sacrificing her to obtain the little orange pebble it has taken something from him and this may prove to be his undoing. Expect Gamora to come back, expect Thanos to drop his guard and expect Nebula to use this to finish him off in a rage of sibling rivalry. We don’t really know what the Soul Stone’s power is yet. Maybe it can bring anyone back to life which frankly would be kind of handy right now.

The last rock is the purple Power Stone and I’m not entirely sure what it does other than blow stuff up. Still perhaps they could just use it to blow stuff up. That could be useful too.

Incidentally in the comics they do later introduce a seventh stone know as the Ego Stone. This contains the spirit of a god like creature that split elements of itself up and put them into the stones a little like Voldemort with his Horcruxes. Does that sound to anyone like the kind of thing Loki might do or is that just wishful thinking?

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