Who is the Last Jedi? (Updated following the release of The Last Jedi)


It is now 15th December and The Last Jedi has been in cinemas for a couple of days causing me to look back on this post from almost a year ago where I had a go at predicting what would happen in the film. Let’s see where I was right and where I was wrong:

So yesterday they announced that the name of the next Star Wars film, episode eight, would be The Last Jedi. The only other Star Wars movie with a good adjective in the title is the first one – a ‘new’ hope. Normally it is all noun combinations and active verbs and they can generally be taken pretty literally but here we have something nicely ambiguous that we can really theorise over. The geeks haven’t had this much to talk about since we all wanted to know who the half-blood prince was. The forums are going to go into melt down. (CORRECT) Who then might this Jedi be and in what way will they be the last?


This is the obvious answer because Luke Skywalker is currently the only one to have Jedi as his job title. (CORRECT) He is technically the last one already but he’s not the first one of who this has been the case, Yoda had the same honour, so it may not be as final as it sounds. Of course the nerds are already worrying that this means Luke will meet his end in the film but I don’t think that will happen, (WRONG) not after we’ve lost Han and for the saddest reason we will be losing Leia in some respect or other as well.


Maybe he will be the last Jedi because something else is coming after. (KIND OF CORRECT) The destruction of the First Order could come at the hands of the first something else. We have already been introduced to other disciplines built around the Force with Donnie Yen’s Chirrut Îmwe (and possibly Max Von Sydow’s Lor San Tekka) appearing as a Guardian of the Whills. This is an order who watch over Force linked Kyber crystals and the planets where they are mined and can harness some of that power themselves. It is possible then that episode eight will see the introduction of a new way of using the Force that goes beyond what the Jedi were able to do. (KIND OF CORRECT) It follows that Rey would be the first of this new club as she already has precocious, mad skills. Perhaps it is because she’s a woman, perhaps it will be Episode IX: Rise of the Femi?


It could just be that the last Jedi is a pessimistic sobriquet Luke has given himself in his depressed isolation. (CORRECT)


Rey is another obvious contender but aren’t we all expecting her to be the next Jedi? Does the title come in the form of a warning Luke gives Rey? If she follows on her current path she in turn may become the last Jedi (CORRECT) and this carries with it the weight of great expectations and duty. (WRONG) Luke seems to have gone off in a strop without telling anyone where he’s going so he doesn’t seem to be handling it at all well himself. (CORRECT) Mind you, she might have only gone to return his lightsaber. (WRONG)

Kylo Ren?

It does seem that Kylo Ren was the last guy Luke tried to train and it all went a bit wrong. It could be a case of ‘look what happened to the last Jedi’. (WRONG)


Alternatively it could be that this new film sees Kylo on a path back to the light side and he wants to be a Jedi after all. (WRONG) You can see that this might cause concern and a fear that the legendary order of magical knights might totally fall apart on his watch. (CORRECT)


The writing in logo they’ve released to go with this title is bad guy red not good guy yellow so there could be something in this. This does seem to be worrying certain quarters of the internet this morning.

Supreme Leader Snoke?

There has been much supposition that shady Snoke is actually someone we have heard of before in a new guise. (APPARENTLY WRONG) Is he Darth Vader? Is he Darth Plagueis? Is he the Jawa that sold R2-D2 too cheap frustrated that he could have actually got a tidy price for those Deathstar plans he was carrying? (This might explain what he is compensating for with that stupidly big holographic projection.) I think Snoke is actually a new character (APPARENTLY CORRECT) but he clearly has a mysterious past. (NOT THAT THEY ARE TELLING US ABOUT) Maybe he is someone who feels he has claim to the title of last Jedi.

Someone new?

My hunch is that the last Jedi will be someone we don’t know about yet. I accept it is a bit of a punt but imagine how smug I’ll get to be if I’m right. (WRONG, LAUGH IT UP FUZZBALL)


The last Jedi might be a legendary figure that Luke has been trying to learn about in the temples on that little island or it could have been one of Rey’s parents. (WRONG) Yoda could easily have not have been the first last Jedi, I’m sure they’ve made a lot of enemies over the years.


How about this? What if it is last as in coming bottom of the class? The last Jedi could have been the kid in Luke’s doomed academy whose grades weren’t as good as everyone else’s and now he’s back to kick Kylo’s butt and save the day. (YEAH, I WAS JOKING)


I’ve alluded to this a couple of times but maybe it is actually Yoda. Maybe something from his background will prove important in this next story. (WELL HE DID TURN UP IN THE FILM SO MAYBE IT IS HIM)

Whatever it turns out to be there will be much said about it in certain quarters between now and December.



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