8 Things That Bugged Me About Rogue One and Why None of Them Mattered (SPOILERS) 

First off it bugged me when Jimmy Smits turned up as Bail Organa. Not because I have anything against Jimmy Smits, far from it, but because his appearance, in the same role he played in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, tied this film strongly to the prequel trilogy. One of the things I liked about The Force Awakens was how it had no links to Episodes I – III meaning I could pretty much ignore that those films ever happened. That was nice while it lasted.

When we briefly saw crispy Vader I began to worry that we might see Hayden Christensen back too. That didn’t happen but maybe because I had this in my head The Dark Lord of the Sith’s first scene did seem more in keeping with the petulant guy who shouted ‘Nooooo!’ than the too cool for school bad guy from the original films. Fortunately when he turned up at the end he was properly formidable again, swatting away laser blasts with his lightsaber and force slamming people into the ceiling.


That massive antenna on the planet Scarif was also a huge signpost, right? It pointed right to what was going to happen at the end of the film. As soon as you clocked the satellite dish you knew our heroes were going to use it to beam the stolen Death Star plans off the surface before remaining behind to die. 


Actually, while we are talking about the entire squad’s demise, did anyone else find that a little rushed? The deaths just came too quickly, one after the other and we didn’t get a chance to feel each properly. The first one almost had the most impact, just because it came first, and that was the frigging robot!


In fact I didn’t really connect with K-2SO much at all. I think the problem is that most of the humour came from him and this seemed a little forced. It is possible to successfully throw one liners into a great generally downbeat script (Captain America: Civil War showed this) but K-2SO seemed to have walked in from another film.


When I was a kid I loved particular actors just because they were in Star Wars. Then as I grew up I realised a couple of them deserved my adoration for a whole load of other reasons. One was the star of so many Ealing comedies Alec Guinness and the other was sometime Sherlock Holmes, sometime Doctor Who, sometime Dr Frankenstein – Peter Cushing. In many many respects it was nice to see him back but they’re not quite there yet with the CGI humans (at least not on IMAX). We have come on leaps and bounds since The Scorpion King for sure and it’s entirely likely Cushing’s appearance will win an Oscar (for special effects) but his visage was distracting. Mind you, I was so thrilled to see a similarly rendered young Princess Leia at the end that I cared less that she looked a bit puffy. I also like how they brought the original X-Wing pilots back. Those guys will get another thirty years on the convention circuits off the back of that.


When Jyn Erso was in that disguise at the end, she looked liked a seven year old who had just found Mr. Ben’s dressing up box. Wasn’t she a little short for an Imperial Gunner?


Finally, what voice was Forest Whittaker doing? 


The fact is though, none of this mattered one jot. These are quibbles. Overall Rogue One was just superb. I liked this more grown up version of Star Wars, it looked stunning, the music was superb, the performances good, the gender politics spot on and having shades of grey in this good Vs evil world is a very welcome change. More than any of this though, the reason I truly adored this film is because it told a narrative that ended just as the story of Star Wars: A New Hope began. In doing this Rogue One did something wonderful; it took me by the hand and literally lead me right back to the exact point where I fell in love with cinema for the very first time. 


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