The James Bond Theme Songs in Order of Personal Preference 

It’s out there. Sam Smith’s track for the opening credits of the latest Bond film was released today. As songwriting gigs go it is a bit of a poison chalice; it gives you huge international exposure for sure, but you will also be instantly compared to some of the greatest pop artists of the last fifty years. Make no mistake about it, if you don’t measure up, you will be universally judged, particularly now that we have a little communication tool called the World Wide Web and its troublesome sibling social media.

What I won’t do is add my impulsive opinions to the many others already to be found on Twitter. Instead I am just going to rank all of the twenty three Bond ballads in order of my own personal preference so you can see where I’ve placed Mr. Smith and make your own decision about why. (Monty Norman’s classic instrumental Bond theme from Dr. No is not included.) If you disagree with any of this I am, of course, always up for a debate. We can discuss it further, either in the comments at the end or on the site’s Facebook page here.

1. We Have All the Time in the World (from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) – Louis Armstrong

2. Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings

3. For Yours Eyes Only – Sheena Easton 

4. Nobody Does it Better (from The Spy Who Loved Me) – Carly Simon


5. The Man with the Golden Gun – Lulu

6. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey

7. Thunderball – Tom Jones

8. Diamonds are Forever – Shirley Bassey


9. A View to a Kill – Duran Duran

10. Goldeneye – Tina Turner

11. Another Way to Die (from Quantum of Solace) – Jack White & Alicia Keys

12. You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra


13. The Living Daylights – Aha

14. From Russia with Love – Matt Monroe

15. Skyfall – Adele


16. Moonraker – Shirley Bassey

17. Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow

18. You Know My Name (from Casino Royale) – Chris Cornell

19. The World is Not Enough – Garbage


20. Licence to Kill – Gladys Knight

21. The Writing’s on the Wall (from Spectre) – Sam Smith

22. All Time High (from Octopussy) – Rita Coolidge

23. Die Another Day – Madonna

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