Barely Lethal

Imagine a Disney Channel produced mix of Black Widow’s flashback scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spy Kids and Mean Girls. If you are picturing that then you’ve pretty much got Barely Lethal pegged. Basically it is about a teenage super spy who fakes her death on a mission so that she can escape the agency and live a normal high school life. Wouldn’t you believe it though, her secret life catches up with her.

The young cast give it everything they’ve got (read into that what you will), Jessica Alba is having fun and Samuel L Jackson is paying the bills. The star of the film is Hailee Steinfeld though showing that, like Matthew Broderick before her, that if the first big film you make really showcases your brilliance then everything you do afterwards is just going to look like you are making do (with the exception of Begin Again which I loved).

If you are even reading this then you’ve probably got at least one young teen in the house, probably a girl. My 11 and 13 year olds both enjoyed it for the ninety minutes we were watching it (that is the whole running time) but there’s no interest in a repeat viewing and believe me repeat viewing is something that they do. (That’s why we watched this, I love Friends but I needed to see something else for a change.) It is good to see a young female playing an action hero and they’ve made some effort to give it some edge with the occasional f-bomb but it is all pretty mild, predictable and forgettable stuff.

This high schooler gets a C+.

Barely Lethal is in select cinemas and On Demand now.

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