Trash (appropriately but not aptly titled) is a British film from Stephen Daldry, the director of The Reader, The Hours and Billy Elliott. It also has great performances from star in the making Rooney Mara and amiable Hollywood legend Martin Sheen. It has great elements of detective fiction as well as being a compelling chase thriller and it has great feel good moments. It is exciting, it is moving and it is highly entertaining. Oh and it written by none other than Richard Curtis. The film was released in cinemas in January, right in the middle of the awards season, yet with all of this barely anyone has heard of it. 


I fear it may be because the film is largely in Portuguese. 

The movie is set around the slums of Rio de Janeiro and centres around three poor teenagers who find an essential piece of evidence in bringing down a corrupt politician. It could so easily have had the majority of the dialogue spoken in the English language, like the similarly themed Slumdog Millionaire or Life of Pi, and no one would have questioned this. As it is though it seems that the film makers desire for authenticity may have cost the movie its marketability. 

It may be that Trash got swamped under some of the bigger releases around the beginning of the year, like Birdman, The Theory of Everything and the last Hobbit flick, and it is possible it just wasn’t considered an awards contender but significantly it is the first of Daldry’s film not to be Oscar nominated for Best Picture or Best Director. It got a BAFTA nod for Best Foreign Language film but that is all.

The thing is, it’s good, really good. It really deserved to find a bigger, more appreciative audience.

Now is our chance then to redress this people, let’s dig out this charming little film and celebrate it. Trash has just been released for rental, download and purchase and I wholeheartedly suggest you put it on your watch list. It is a great film, with three superb performances from its unknown teen stars. There is jeopardy, there is intrigue, there is adventure, there is a little bit of swearing and violence (it is rated 15) and there is excitement and suspense. Just don’t be put off because there are also subtitles.


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