Okay, so this is the set up of this movie: A bright young man nurses his sick mother and watches her die, then he gets caught up in a bar fight resulting in him being targeted by both the police and a gang of local thugs. He escapes to Italy where he initially gets caught up with a couple of boorish English guys and then meets a woman. The two start up a tentative relationship but she turns out to be a violent mutating slime beast. Still no one’s perfect and the young couple head to Naples to see if true love truly can conquer all. 

It starts off as a family drama before briefly becoming a gangster picture, a travelogue and a crass comedy. Then it turns into a romance and a mystery thriller, flirts with being a monster film and a comedy horror before ending up as a sweet relationship story. It’s Big Fish meets Menace II Society meets Before Sunrise meets The Hangover meets Friends with Benefits meets Mimic meets American Werewolf in London meets Shaun of the Dead meets The Notebook.

Reading this you are either intrigued or totally put off and if I tried to explain the plot in any more detail then you would walk for sure, yet somehow it works. Spring did quite well on the festival circuit last year and now has a simultaneous cinema and download release in the UK just as it did in the States.

I think it has pretensions slightly above its B movie status but only because parts of it feel quite fresh and original. It reminded me of well made but schlocky films like Splice and Teeth which most people won’t have heard of but are similarly not easily forgotten if you’ve seen them. Spring certainly keeps you guessing and there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours. If you like romances and body horror then this film will be your cinematic equivalent of Wash&Go. Download two movies onto your tablet? Nah!

The Ripley Factor:

The main female character in the film does sort of present a higher level of human evolution so that’s pretty empowering. No matter how you read it she is a strong and independent character. There is some mild nudity around her transformations but it really isn’t sexy.

There are a couple of sex scenes involving both men and women with bare chests and one image of a guy stripped from the waist down but you don’t see anything here for reasons that will become all too clear if you watch the movie.

Is this one for the kids?

It really isn’t. 

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