A Little Review of A Little Chaos


A Little Chaos is a deliberately fictional tale surrounding the building of an outdoor, fountained ballroom in the gardens of Louis XIV’s Versailles. It is basically a 17th Century Ground Force with Kate Winslet as a corseted Charlie Dimmock. 

Like so many of Kate Winslet’s movies, she is the best thing about it but, unlike Titanic, it does not rely on her to keep it afloat. The film is hard to define in terms of genre and is by turns funny, moving, inspiring and political. Above all of this though, it is full of charm and highly enjoyable.
The film has a strong feminist theme which I like and there is a nice soundtrack by first time scorer, renowned 27 year old cellist Peter Gregson. Alan Rickman’s direction is also, at times, quite beautiful. It is seventeen years since he last went behind the camera but I think we might see him calling the shots on more films in the near future. He seems to trust the performance of his actors and lets them take centre stage while still providing some good framing and cinematography.
Is this one for the kids?
It’s a little bit sexy in a 12A sort of way but that’s all you need to worry about.
The Ripley Factor:
The film has a female lead who is believable as real person although she would have been very ahead of her time in 1682.

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