Should You See Interstellar? Self Assessment Questionnaire


1. What is your favourite of Christopher Nolan’s other films?
A. The Prestige
B. Inception
C. The Dark Knight

2. Which of these sounds like the best sci-fi film double bill?
A. 2001 and Contact
B. Gravity and Apollo 13
C. Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy

3. What is the most important thing when selecting a cinema?
A. The size of the screen, the bigger the better. IMAX if possible.
B. The comfort of the seats
C. I tend to wait until the film is out for rental.

4. Which of these is closest to your concept of humanity?
A. Human beings are incredible creatures of infinite potential and inventiveness. Yes we are flawed but our connections with one another define us and the human mind and heart are both things of great majesty.
B. Humankind has achieved great things but has also caused immense destruction and hurt as a species. We should probably just keep ourselves to ourselves.
C. We are marginally more intelligent and dextrous than other life on earth but are mistaken if we think we are anything particularly special because of this.

5. How do you feel about the idea of other alien races and inter-dimensional beings?
A. If space is infinite then it is arrogant in the extreme to assume that we are the only intelligent life in existence and even worse to think that we are the most intelligent.
B. Alien races and inter-dimensional beings ruined the end of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and cannot be forgiven for that.
C. Pure Science Fiction.

6. How comfortable are you with theoretical physics?
A. I don’t fully understand it all but the theories and ideas excite me.
B. Physics is a science and if something is theoretical it is not a science.
C. It all just makes my head hurt, I’d rather not have to think about it.

7. Do you believe in ghosts?
A. Not in the sense that there is an afterlife but it is reasonable to assume that people can exist in some form other than that with which we are immediately presented.
B. No
C. Yes

8. What do you think is the best thing Anne Hathaway has done as an actress?
A. Les Miserables
B. The Devil Wears Prada
C. Rio

9. What is your favourite Matthew McConaughey movie?
A. Lone Star
B. A Time To Kill
C. Magic Mike

10. What do you think of love?
A. To totally and genuinely love another human being is to reach the pinnacle of human potential. There is nothing greater that we are capable of.
B. The romantic idea of love is a bit of a fallacy but companionship and human connections can be both powerful and fragile
C. A load of slushy guff.

11. What was the best thing about Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity
A. The metaphor and the poetry
B. The incredible images of outer space
C. That film was boring rubbish.

12. What do you think the future will look like?
A. It’s not going to be that different to how it is now. We’ll have more gadgets and attitudes may have progressed a little but life hasn’t changed all that much in the last fifty years so why should it alter so dramatically. It’s 2015 next year and none of us have flying cars or hover boards do we?
B. A post apocalyptic desert.
C. Bladerunner.

13. How do you think the world will end.
A. Through pollution and the depletion of its natural resources.
B. With a whimper
C. The world will be destroyed by a huge army of alien invaders. Possibly to make way for an intergalactic hyperspace bypass.

14. What do positive female role models in cinema look like?
A. When women are portrayed as realistically strong and flawed and equal to men. It is best when gender becomes irrelevant.
B. It isn’t enough to show women as equal to men, decades of sexism needs to be counteracted with explicit portrayals of strong females.
C. Kick ass chicks.

15. Which of these is your favourite movie robot.
A. Does the monolith in 2001 count? It seems to have sentience.
B. R2-D2, who cares if the design is minimal and a little impractical.
C. The Terminator

16. Which is your favourite movie planet?
A. Tatooine, an entire planet with a single climate and no variety in its geographical features seems totally logical to me.
B. The Planet of the Apes
C. Pandora, pretty!

17. Who is your favourite poet?
A. Dylan Thomas
B. Seamus Heaney
C. Spike Milligan

Mostly A
You are going to love Interstellar. Films that take time to tell a story and are not afraid to ask their audience to accept great narrative leaps are right up your street. Cinema is a true art form and, as far as you are concerned, should be able to examine poetic notions and big ideas as much as paintings, novels or any other medium. You have long been interested in Christopher Nolan’s work and will see this as the natural evolution of his career long focus on spectacle, mystery and surprise within familiar genre.

Mostly B
You will enjoy much of Interstellar but might have trouble with some of the more arty and poetic aspects of the story. Cinema is a great entertainment medium but when it attempts to get lyrical it can be a little weird and inaccessible. You have enjoyed Nolan’s other films because you enjoy smart blockbusters but this one might seem a little self indulgent on the part of the director. You’ll think it is a brave and ambitious film but perhaps not always successful.

Mostly C
It is possible that Interstellar may not be for you. You like your science fiction action packed and fun and one liners and big explosions are generally more important to you than story and imagination.You will probably appreciate the wonderful spacescapes but there won’t be enough of them for your liking. Your favourite bit will be the robots. You can get your head round big ideas as much as the next guy but you want your movies to provide a bit of easy escapism.


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