Lone Survivor and 15 other film titles that actually give away major plot points.


(May contain spoilers.)

Lone Survivor – Four Navy Seals get caught in a brutal firefight with Taliban soldiers. See if you can work out how many of them will make it out alive?

Finding Nemo – It isn’t called Looking for Nemo is it?

Saving Private Ryan – Similarly, this one isn’t called Looking for Private Ryan.

127 Hours – I don’t know about you but I have a rough idea how long this guys ordeal, stuck in a ravine with his arm jammed beneath a rock, is going to last.

Avengers Assemble – Four disparate, quarreling super heroes find themselves with a common foe. Do you think they’ll get it together and form a team?

A Royal Affair – There is a beautiful, young and unhappy princess. There is also a new headstrong and passionate physician in the palace who shares many of her interests and political views. Where do you think this is going to go?

The Dark Knight Rises – I know he stages a bit of a come back at the beginning but that can’t be the rise of the title, he’s been out but not down. Consequently once he has had his back broken and he’s been thrown in a big deep hole, you kind of get the idea he’ll be returning to his full power later.

Mars Attacks – That’s the entire synopsis of the film right there, in two words.

The World’s End – Okay, so it’s just the name of a pub, or is it?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I know it’s a prequel so we know how it’s going down anyway but there are clues that the apes are going to gain supremacy.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Three young children lose their parents in a fire but, you never know, a whole load of really lucky things may happen to them from now on.

The Great Escape – Do you think they’ll get out of the concentration camp?

Drag Me To Hell – There’s a curse on her, apparently she’s going to get dragged to hell. Wait though, she has escaped the curse. Oh no, hang on, she hasn’t. Well, it was there in the title all along so stop acting so surprised.

Slumdog Millionaire – The point at which he actually becomes a millionaire is right at the very end. Up until that he is just Slumdog Contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. They might as well have called it Slumdog Gets the Girl at the End and Does a Cool Dance in a Railway Station.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang – If the Harry Potter films followed the same naming convention they would be titled thus: Harry Potter and the Fight with the Evil Wizard, Harry Potter and the Fight with the Evil Young Wizard, Harry Potter and the Fight with an Evil Wizard Who Turns Out to be a Good Wizard, Harry Potter and the Fight with the Evil Wizard, Harry Potter and the Fight with the Evil Wizard, Harry Potter and the Death of the Good Wizard and Harry Potter and the Last Fight with the Evil Wizard.

Kill Bill – She’s got it in for someone, guess who?

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