10 Signs You Were (and Still Are) a Star Wars Kid

1. Every time you go through a set of automatic doors, you wave your hand in front of them just before they open.

2. At some point during your adult life you have lived with something named after a Star Wars character; probably a pet, possibly one of your children.

3. If you are carrying a roll of wrapping paper, or a poster or an umbrella, you always hold it at one end, never in the middle.

4. Your automatic response when someone tells you that they love you is to say ‘I know’ and if someone calls you an idiot you always reply ‘who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?’.

5. If you are walking through a moving crowd, on a station concourse or a busy street, you always imagine you are flying the Millennium Falcon through a field of asteroids.

6. Similarly, if you suddenly accelerate on the motorway it is like making the jump to hyper space. Especially if it’s dark in driving rain and your headlights are reflecting off the droplets asking them look like stars.

7. When you are sliding on a pair of black gloves, you pause a little before putting on the left one just opening and closing the fingers on your right hand a couple of times.

8. Your dressing gown is brown, or at least you wish it was.

9. You think three inch plastic figurines make good ornaments.

10. You just can’t bring yourself to eat calamari. Poor little things, it was a trap!


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