Alternative Film Theory: Doc Brown is Marty’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

There is a theory put out there by blogger and general over thinker Jon Negroni suggesting that Andy’s Mum in Toy Story is actually Emily, the previous owner of cowgirl doll Jessie. Also, there is an early draft of the script for The Little Mermaid that has Ursula as King Triton’s sister. Inspired by both of these, here is the first of some theories about relationships and connections in movies that might not actually be what they appear.

Doc Brown is Marty’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Doc and Clara’s son Verne Brown, who we met briefly with his brother at the end of Back to the Future Part 3, enjoyed years of travelling through time with his family. The train time machine that took them on their incredible journeys was eventually passed on to him following his parent’s death and he in turn went on great adventures through history with his children. On one such trip when they went back to the early 1880s to pick up spare parts for the train, Verne’s daughter Maggie met and a young Irish immigrant called Seamus McFly. Falling totally in love with the young man she decided to stay and live her life with him, ultimately becoming Marty’s great great grandmother.

When the Doc, her own grandfather, accidentally (and surprisingly -surprisingly) ended up in the same time period she did not let him know who she was because no one should know too much about her own future. Then the man fell in love with the woman who she now realised was her grandmother (as a family they’d not spoken about their own pasts, overly obsessed as they were with other people’s). Oddly the Doc decided to to stop time travelling and destroy the DeLorean that she realised her own existence was in jeopardy.

She had to tell the inventor who she was and in doing so persuaded him to build another time machine with technology she was familiar with from travelling around in the very same vehicle herself for many years. This explains the Doc’s dramatic change of heart when it came to the dangers of screwing with future events and the space time continuum which he tried to explain away with an inadequate ‘what the hell’ when he met Marty again by Eastwood Ravine.

It was also young Verne who aged 20 took a trip to the early 80s meeting his father and, without revealing his identity, told him he was from the future. (Fortunately the Browns do not all have the same incredible family resemblance as most of the McFlys.) On meeting the Doc, Verne persuaded him to get to know the young Marty explaining how a crazy reclusive old scientist could become friends with a 17 year old kid, although in the adjusted timeline Doc met Marty in 1955. It was also Verne who, on a later trip, convinced Doc to read the letter Marty had posted in his pocket in before lightning struck the clock tower.

I know, this is heavy.


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