Twelve Things That Went Through My Mind While Watching Sunshine on Leith


1. It opens like a war film, I hadn’t expected that. They could really play with this if they suddenly burst into song. Oh okay, that’s how they are doing it, that’s a missed opportunity.

2. Hello Charlie, hello Craig.

3. We are fifteen minutes in and I’m sold. This musical number in the pub is great fun. I’d had concerns about this film but now that’s over and done with.

4. Hey, that’s Dexter Fletcher, nice director cameo. Oh, classy!

5. The Proclaimers are great. I’d forgotten how poetic their lyrics are.

6. I can easily see this movie’s stage show origins but the transfer to film is quite good.

7. This is nice, they are celebrating the inherent romance in twenty five years of matrimony. Fifteen years into my own wonderful marriage I am really appreciating this. It’s not all about the ‘meet cute’.

8. Jane Horrocks is delightful.

9. Some of the signposting on these songs is really laboured. She’s going to America? I wonder if she’ll write.

10. Hmm! I’m not sure that the harmonising they’ve put in these songs really works.

11. Actually, this story is the worst kind of cliched relationship drama; totally unimaginative, totally predictable and totally unengaging. When is the next song coming?

12. I think I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) worked better when they used it in the first Shrek film. Ooh! Flashmob, yay!

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