The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer

As 2013 comes to a close and all the top ten films of the year list are coming out (mine too, soon) we are also starting to get recommendations for what to look out for in 2014 (mine too, soon). Obviously the big studios are keen to fuel this and so we are beginning to see trailers for some of the big films months ahead of their release dates. One such promo hoping to build our anticipation is the one for The Amazing Spider Man 2 which has hit the web (yes, I went there) today. I’m afraid to say it looks terrible.

The first problem is this shot of Doctor Octopus’ arms and Vulture’s wings in laboratory display cases:


This suggests that at some point we are going to get some big super villain team up with these two joining Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin who are all already in the trailer. This is something that would have got me really excited a couple of years ago but getting the gang together has been done now. The Avengers managed it so well that anyone who thinks they can emulate it is just going to fail. They are clearly going to do it with heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in 2015 and while I’d have had kittens at that prospect thirty six months ago, now it just fills me with dread, especially considering how badly they messed up Man of Steel. Doing the same thing with bad guys is not going to work, it ruined Spider Man 3 and it looks like it’s going to ruin Spider Man 2 (2) too.

Another thing we don’t need is men in big metal suits typified by this foot right here:


The first Iron Man film only just got away with this with Iron Monger and as if we couldn’t imagine how bad this could have turned out they showed us with the second Iron Man film. This Summer The Wolverine committed Hari-kari the same way with an old guy in a big shiny robotic samurai suit. You’d think Hugh Jackman would know better since he made Real Steel, the one movie that did robots punching things in a way that was moving not boring.

Also, I’m sorry to be negative but what is The Goblin wearing? He looks like a cross between Peter Pan and The Rum Tum Tugger from Cats:


Nope, sorry Spidey Friends but this one isn’t blowing my skirt up.

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