Two Minutes of Perfect Cinema – Drive

Here, in what will possibly be the first in an ongoing series, I describe two minutes of perfect cinema.

Drive, 0:25:00 – 0:27:00

After she drops in to his garage, the unnamed driver is taking his neighbour Irene and her son home. On the way he smiles and asks her ‘Hey, do you want to see something? Irene glances at her son in the back seat and replies ‘Yeah.’

Cut to them driving down one of those dry concrete river beds like the ones featured in Grease and Terminator 2. Suddenly the sublime track A Real Hero by College and Electric Youth kicks in as the soundtrack to the rest of the dialogue free scene. This is a slice of synthpop so beautiful it almost brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it (which is often as it is my ringtone).

They park by a small pond where they splash in the water, play with nature and smile at one another.
Then it is back in the car before we see our reserved hero carrying the sleeping boy back to his apartment. His mother walks behind her face loaded with admiration, gratitude, excitement, regret and hope.

It is a beautiful 120 seconds of visual story telling which sets the rest of the film in contrastingly violent motion and I felt compelled to share it.











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