Ruby Sparks

Every so often you will see a film that surprises you. It is a relatively rare thing especially if you are one of those people who reads all the reviews and watches all the trailers. Nonetheless occasionally there will be something that is born of such originality and heart that you come away knowing that you’ll be thinking about it long after the final credit has scrolled by.

Often these are little independent films that have spent time in the cinemas but without the fanfare and poster campaign that herald much more expensive and much less innovative films. In fact there is every chance you missed it on the big screen and are only catching it now some months after the DVD release.

Clearly the performances will be fresh and captivating and the writing will be excellent. It could in turns be both funny and moving like Little Miss Sunshine (it might even be by that film’s directors) and maybe it celebrates fiction and good literature as much as it does movie making. Maybe it has just the right amount of fantasy driving the plot forward while the metaphors say a lot about the reality of life and relationships.

I would also imagine that the cast features some familiar faces in roles that are refreshingly different to the ones they usually play.

When you see something like that you want to tell other people about it in the hope that they will enjoy it, even be moved by it as much as you. Of course they may not connect with it in the same way but you want them to have the chance to find out for themselves.

Ruby Sparks is that film.

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