The 5 Gags That Made Me Laugh in Ted 2


I’m not totally sure why I rented this movie. There is something inherently funny in a teddy bear that was brought to life by a child’s wish only for child and bear to grow into profane, offensive, weed smoking adults but I didn’t like the first movie much. I do quite like writer/director Seth Macfarlane’s sense of humour though. Not the sex and drugs stuff particularly but he does have a good eye for spotting the ridiculous stuff in both life and genre cinema and calling it out. Yes, he is extreme and self indulgent but he amuses me.


Ted 2 is actually better than its predecessor. It reigns in the schmaltz and the gross out humour a bit (a very little bit) providing less to distract from the likeable (nasty and puerile but nonetheless likeable) characters.


I didn’t even snigger watching Melissa McCarthy in Spy  earlier this year and the much lauded Trainwreck raised little more than an occasional smile but Ted 2 made me laugh five times. Here’s when:


1. Two guys dress up in cosplay and go to the New York ComicCon just so that they can pick on nerds. The one dressed as Worf from Star Trek is played by Michael Dorn who played Worf in Star Trek.

2. A giant fight breaks out between all the costumed geeks. You’ve got to love well executed slapstick, it’s harder to pull off than you think.

3. At the ComicCon Jonah Hill is announced as the new Superman.

4. (In a conversation with a character played by Amanda Seyfried) ‘Do I have [come to bed] eyes?’ ‘No, you have give me the ring, my precious eyes.’

5. (To a character played by Morgan Freeman) ‘I think I want to sleep on a bed made of your voice.’


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