San Andreas

This year I am once again listing all of the new films I have seen in order of preference and San Andreas is currently around 50 out of 80. I feel this needs some kind of justification because even though it doesn’t seem that high it is ranking above movies like Legend, Jurassic World and Big Hero 6 which, if I search my soul, I accept it may not deserve.

I can see there is a pretty solid argument that San Andreas is actually a clumsy, derivative, predictable, corny and uninspired mess. What I saw though was a brilliantly spot on parody of disaster movies. 

It has it all. There are lines of cheesy dialogue, ridiculous rescues, overblown heroics, plucky plumby Brits, never ending near misses, scenes of spectacular destruction, a caddish coward, a bombastic soundtrack, kids in peril, attractive teens, tearful underwater goodbyes, gung-ho Americanism, celebrity cameos, the throwaway deaths of hundreds of people, an expert they should have all listened to and stilted acting (it seems getting tears out of the Rock is like getting blood from a stone).

It appears to be taking itself very seriously but it really isn’t. 

It can’t be.

Can it?


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